UAE Multi-SpecialtyHealthcare Portfolio

Building on Positive Regional Dynamics and Policies

In November 2021, our healthcare arm, Healian, acquired a majority stake in the UAE’s leading provider of multi-specialty healthcare, Multi-Specialty Healthcare Partner Holding Ltd (“MSH”). The company is the only diversified multi-specialty healthcare chain in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and one of the few in the UAE to offer a diverse array of services.

With 30+ healthcare clinics and pharmacies spread across Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai, MSH focuses on diverse and fast-growing segments of the healthcare industry including: Dental, Cosmetic and Dermatology, Dental Laboratories, Primary Care, Woman-Care, and Out-patient Pediatric Rehabilitation Centers. MSH operates on a unique business model which positions its clinics in close proximity to its multi-specialty centers, allowing patients to be routed between its clinics and its core treatment hubs.

The portfolio is well-aligned to Healian’s criteria, combining a solid mix of stable, cash generative businesses, such as cosmetic and dental, with a foothold in growing segments like multi-specialty and rehab providers. With healthcare a growing high priority investment area for the UAE government, and the country’s rollout of its mandatory health insurance scheme, MSH benefits from a robust regulatory infrastructure and is well-positioned to further expand its offerings.

Investment Features

Positive Dynamics

Combines stable cash-generating business with growing healthcare segments in a supportive local regulatory environment

Prime Location

One of the only multi-specialty healthcare providers across the UAE, with locations across the Emirates and clinics situated within close proximity to core treatment hubs

Defensive Sector

Positioned for steady growth amid changing demographics and rising demand for multi-specialty healthcare services

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