Our Commitment

We are driven by the vision of discovering, innovating, and realizing value potential across our business lines – and we recognize we can only do this by pursuing sustainable opportunities that benefit our Group, our stakeholders and the communities in which we are present.

Over the past twenty years, we have implemented a range of initiatives to support the sustainability of our activities and ensure they have a lasting impact on our Group, investments, and the markets in which we operate.

While Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) principles were inherently present in our history, we are committed to concretizing these principles across our Group as we move forward through implementing formalized ESG policies and frameworks.

Below are some of the major ESG initiatives we have either launched or participated in.


Process Digitalization

The impact of COVID-19 has transformed our office operations and processes for the better. With many employees working remotely, our Group has altered its internal processes by introducing new paperless ways of working and digitalized processes; such as the implementation of document management tools, reduction of paper flow between the Group and our stakeholders, encouragement and facilitation of paperless collaboration and communication between departments, and the circulation of digital newspapers and magazines instead of print publications. This shift has led to a significant reduction in paper consumption since the start of the pandemic and increased operational efficiencies.

Falcon Cement Filtering Device

Our investee Falcon Cement Company (FCC), Bahrain’s largest cement producer, has spearheaded several initiatives to ensure the sustainability of its operations. This includes the voluntary doubling of the required annual stack emissions testing, redesigning their exhaust systems to result in less than 30 milligrams of emissions per nm3, and installing suction devices that result in an almost 70% reduction in cement spillage. In addition, FCC is currently working on a feasibility study for the installation of solar power in their plant to meet 25-50% of its energy requirements. Most recently, further to an assessment of its Occupational Health & Safety Management System,  Falcon Cement received an ISO 45001:2018 certification which covers the scope of Manufacturing, Sales and Supply of Ordinary Portland and Sulphate Resistant Cement.

Balexco Water Re-Use System

Acting on a clearly outlined environmental policy, our investee Balexco, the GCC’s first aluminum extrusion company, actively works towards reducing any harmful waste and fumes that are toxic to the environment by recycling operation waste, and reducing chemical waste and air pollution. Balexco continuously evaluates its processes to identify new ways to minimize environmental impact through waste reduction and recycling, and abides by all the environmental regulatory requirements mandated by the relevant authorities.

As we expand our Group's horizons into new markets and sectors and reinforce the growth of our core business lines, we aim to do so with a view to ensure the sustainability of our activities - not only in terms of returns for our investors and shareholders, but of impact on the communities we are present in.



“XLR8” Sporting Platform

As longtime key supporters of several national sporting events in the Kingdom, we launched “XLR8” in 2019 as a dedicated platform to consolidate and grow our sponsorships and activities. The platform aims to support the development of sporting initiatives and events in the Kingdom of Bahrain and promote public health among all segments of Bahraini society by encouraging the adoption of an active and healthy lifestyle. Held under the patronage of His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Representative of HM the King for Humanitarian Work and Youth Affairs, the “XLR8 10K” marathon marked the platform’s first event, and raised BD 10,000, with proceeds going towards the Royal Charity Organization.


The Crown Prince's International Scholarship Program

With Education acting as a major driver of our investment strategy and CSR commitments, we are proud to be longtime supporters of the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program. The Program offers Bahrain’s most exceptional students an opportunity to further their education in the world’s leading educational institutions while providing them with ongoing training and career development support.


Supporting Children's Healthcare

Health has long been a cornerstone of our CSR initiatives, with earlier initiatives including the support of the Al Rahma Centre for Disabled Care which provides educational, rehabilitation and vocational programs for the disabled, and Alia for Early Intervention who offer evaluation, early intervention services and case management to eligible children and their families. More recently, we supported the Royal Charity Organization’s Al Fares project, which aims to provide insulin pumps to children with Type 1 Diabetes. We also partnered with the “Smile” initiative to give children with cancer in Bahrain electronic devices that can help them continue pursuing their educational achievements remotely.

GFH is a pioneer on the kinds of investments that make life better, like homes, education and healthcare. These basic building blocks create sustainable wealth for our investors and the global communities we serve every day.


Corporate Governance Framework

Our Corporate Governance framework remains in line with the applicable regulatory requirements and is comprised of our Board of Directors’ Charter, Code of Conduct for the Directors, Conflict of Interest Policy, Gift Policy, Whistle Blowing Policy, Public Disclosures & Communication Policy, and Code of Business Ethics & Conduct for the management and staff members. Furthermore, the Mechanism of Performance Evaluation of Board of Directors, Board Committees and Individual Board Members, as well as the other internal policies of the Group, are in line with the regulations and guidelines issued by the Central Bank of Bahrain and international best practices.


Our Board of Directors is comprised of 10 members, out of which 6 are independent and 2 are non-executive members. Furthermore, our Group’s control functions, such as Internal Audit, Risk, Compliance and AML, all have direct reporting lines to the Board’s Audit and Risk Committee to ensure that they carry out their responsibilities with full independency.

Conflict of Interest

Any conflict of interest that might arise from the Board members or Executive Management is governed by our Conflict of Interest Policy. Each member of the Board or Executive Management team is required to disclose any conflict of interest that might arise through the Conflict of Interest Reporting Form. Any conflict of interest arising from any Board member must be ratified by the Board and the respective Board member will be refrained from voting on that matter. Furthermore, GFH discloses all related details within its corporate governance report and annual report, including any abstention from voting motivated by a conflict of interest and any authorization of a conflict of interest contract or transaction.

Our Investment

Our investment impact goes beyond just balance sheets and financial reports. It transforms the daily lives of the communities we’re a part of.

By diversifying our portfolio of investments, we’re not just creating sustainable wealth for our investors, we’re bringing new homes, schools, hospitals, and entertainment platforms to the world around us.

Take, for example, our education platform – Britus Education.


Harnessing the Ingenuity Within Every Child

Britus Education is our dedicated K-12 education investment platform that is committed to ensuring that academic excellence is accessible to students from all backgrounds by offering a premium education at an affordable range. With 11 schools across four countries in the MENA region, Britus Education continues to work towards growing its family of schools to support in meeting an increasing regional demand for high quality education.

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