Leading the Wayfor Twenty Years

We are driven by a strategy of dynamic diversification, which has seen us transform from an investment bank into a leading regional financial group.

Over the years, our business lines have grown to include Investment Management, Commercial Banking, Real Estate Development, and Treasury & Proprietary Investments – with a focus on creating strong foundations for sustainable wealth for both our investors and the global communities we serve through our investments.


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Revenue (2019)

We generated US$335.69 million in revenue in 2019, a 17.3% increase from US$286.17 million in 2018. This reflects progressive growth in our core investment banking operation, increased contributions from our real estate activities and a strong performance in our growing treasury business.


Total Assets (2019)

Our investment banking income more than doubled in comparison to the previous year. This is a result of our ability to successfully identify income-generating investments. Key among these was a continued proliferation of our US-based real estate portfolio, where our investments have exceeded US$1 billion over the past five years.


Funds Raised in Equity & Money Market (2019)

Our treasury activities have been expanding since the start of 2019, and now account for nearly a quarter of GFH’s total income, with a portfolio of approximately US$ 2 billion. Funds raised in the Equity & Money Market in 2019 reached US$2 billion, doubling the amount raised in 2018.

20 Years

Countless Achievements

Through several forward-looking investments over the past two decades, we’ve supported communities both locally and abroad. We are building homes for families, offering high-calibre education to children globally, and helping create long-lasting family memories through entertainment and leisure.

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