US Tech OfficesPortfolio

Situated In Largest Dedicated Scientific Research Park In The United States

Our subsidiary GFH Capital Limited acquired a Tech Offices Portfolio in the US in a deal valued over US$ 100 million.  The acquired portfolio consists of five income yielding buildings spread across nearly 60 acres and is located in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, the largest dedicated scientific research park in the U.S.

The Tech Offices Portfolio is leased to 16 tenants for an overall occupancy of 96% and features an 18 acre land parcel capable of accommodating up to 270,000 square feet of additional development. The WAULT at the time of acquisition was 5.5 years, and has now been successfully increased to 6.8 years. The portfolio was purchased in partnership with Global Mutual, one of the fastest growing real estate investment management company in US, UK and Europe operating over £1.5 billion of assets under management.

Investment Features

Strong Tenancy

96% occupied by diversified, credit rated tenants

Value Enhancement Opportunity

Ability to increase rent by marking to market at the time of lease rollover

Potential Development

18 acres additional land providing potential to develop 270,000 sqft of additional leaseable space

Strong Partner / Operator

A strong and experienced Asset Manager coinvesting alongside with GCL

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