Tunis Financial

Tunis Financial Harbour (TFH) will deliver North Africa’s first offshore financial centre at Tunis Bay. It is estimated that the aggregate final development value of the TFH project will reach US$3 billion and that the project will extend over 523 acres in the coastal area of Hessiene, Ariana in Tunis.

The project is being developed in four interrelated phases with each phase having its unique components. The project will include financial and commercial zones, residential and recreational areas including an 18‐hole world championship golf course located over 80 hectares, a marina, a medical city and educational facilities.

TFH will house a financial district that is expected to attract large number of leading financial institutions, investment banking, insurance companies, and other supporting services. The project will create an important financial hub for financial and banking activities in North Africa, thus supporting the development of the Tunisian economy through job creation, inward investment, and the further development of the capital markets.

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