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The Entertainer is the leading mobile commerce destination for dining, travel, lifestyle and live entertainment experiences across 14 countries within the Middle East, Asia and Africa. With over 5.7 million users, discounts are offered from over 12,000 merchants where subscribers benefit by generating average annual savings in excess of the price of the service while merchants benefit from increased foot traffic and improved customer insight through access to The Entertainer’s proprietary data analytics platform. The Entertainer offers destination-specific products as well as tailored B2B solutions.

Founded in 2001, The Entertainer began as a traditional print coupon service and in 2013, seeing the opportunities created by the global transition to smartphones, The Entertainer launched a multi-year initiative to fully transition its core products from print to mobile by investing heavily in the development of a best-in-class, technology platform. The Entertainer has expanded into several markets through its core offering.

In July 2018, along with strategic partners, GFH made its first technology investment with a $150 million deal to buy a controlling stake in the Entertainer.

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