Mumbai EconomicDevelopment Zone

Playing A Role In Mumbai’s Economic Growth

In 2007 and 2008, we launched Energy City Navi Mumbai (ECNM) and Mumbai IT & Telecom City (MITTC), comprising 1,162 acres in Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra, India. Both ECNM and MITTIC are core components of the larger scale Mumbai Economic Development Zone (MEDZ), a mixed-use development offering world class business infrastructure for local and international Services, IT and Energy companies.

In 2013, we entered into Joint Venture arrangements with the largest developers to jointly develop both components of the Project. The development will offer several different components such as residential, housing, town centre, medical city, senior living, education, sport facilities, and entertainment, hospitality, institutional, retail, logistics, adventure parks, studios, light industries, eco resorts, farmhouses etc.

Wadhwa Group, one of our JV partners, launched ‘Wise City’ in 2018, which includes residential high rises and villa components. The project has been well received by the home buyers in that region and the same has been reflected in the sale of apartments and villas.

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