GFH Capital S.A.

GFH Financial Group’s Saudi-based
investment banking arm

Based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and regulated by Capital Market Authority, GFH Capital Saudi Arabia is an investment company 100% owned by GFH Financial Group, while retaining a degree of independence with its own board of directors, investment policies and regulatory oversight.

GFH Capital S.A. operates with the vision of providing its clients unique opportunities with traditional values and service excellence. Their mission is to offer premium diversified investments locally and internationally, in accordance with the principles of Shari’a.

The services are delivered by their qualified, knowledgeable team of professionals who will be drawing on their extensive experience across a range of markets and industries to offer tailored services for their clients.

With the goal of supporting their clients in steadily and sustainably growing their assets to realise long-term growth of their wealth and assets, the GFH Capital S.A. team will be offering guidance through a range of arranging and advisory services.

It is established as a Limited Liability Company (CR No.: 1010593423) that is licensed by the Capital Market Authority (License No.: 19200-30) to offer arrangement and advising services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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