GFH Financial Group B.S.C. would like to announce the opening of receiving nominations for the candidacy of 10 Board of Directors’ membership for a three-year term. The election process will be carried out during the upcoming Ordinary General Meeting scheduled on 23rd September 2020. Conditions and required documents for nomination:

  1. Fill and complete the CBB’s Application for Approved Person Status “Form 3*”, which is available on CBB’s website ( under CBB Rulebook – Volume 2 Part B – Authorisation Forms;
  2. Curriculum Vitae (C.V.);
  3. Certified copies of Passport and National ID Card or Driving License;
  4. Certified copies of academics qualification, certification and professional memberships disclosed in the C.V. and the Form 3;
  5. Original latest report from Credit Bureau;
  6. Declaration Form.

Please refer to the attached announcement for further details.