Ayman A. Zaidan

Group Chief - Treasury & Financial Institutions

Ayman Zaidan serves as the Group Chief of Treasury & Financial Institutions, leveraging over three decades of experience in the financial sector to drive strategic growth and operational excellence. His recent role as Deputy CEO & Chief Investment Officer at Qatar First Bank (QFB) was marked by significant achievements, including leading a strategic overhaul focusing on fee income business model that returned the bank to profitability and increased its assets under management by $1 billion. Under his leadership, QFB saw a remarkable increase in fee income revenue, demonstrating his capacity to generate sustainable growth.

Prior to QFB, Mr. Zaidan excelled as General Manager of the Treasury Group at the National Bank of Kuwait, where he enhanced the bank’s treasury operations and income diversification strategies. His career also includes transformative roles at First Energy Bank in Bahrain, where he was instrumental in developing Islamic finance products and improving the bank’s funding strategies.

Mr. Zaidan’s professional journey began at the Bank of Jordan, where he quickly rose to become Chief Dealer. He holds a BSc in Accounting and a minor in Business Administration from the University of Jordan. Fluent in both Arabic and English, Mr. Zaidan’s blend of strategic vision and practical execution skills make him a key asset to our leadership team, guiding our financial strategies to new heights on the global stage.