Building Foundations for Tomorrow

As global markets ebb and flow through cycles, there are clear constants: Education is one of the cornerstones for future prosperity. Proof? In spite of instability, demand continues to soar. That’s why we believe in investing in education – not only in the leading institutions that prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders, but also in the verticals that power their learning.


Higher Education

Student Housing


Britus Education

Britus Education is our dedicated K-12 education investment platform that is committed to ensuring that academic excellence is accessible to students from all backgrounds by offering a premium education at an affordable range. With 8 schools owned and managed in the MENA region, Britus Education continues to work towards growing its family of schools to support meeting an increasing regional demand for high quality education.

SQ Asset Management

In May 2022, we acquired a majority stake in SQ Asset Management (SQ), a US-based specialist living sector asset manager and property manager focused on student housing, with a demonstrated track record of value generation and execution and with US$1.2billion in AUM, comprised of 34 student housing properties and over 11,000 beds. 

SQ has been ranked as one of the top 25 owners of student housing in the United States and continues to be one of the most active and vertically-integrated operators in the industry. As of Q1 2021, SQ is ranked as the 6th largest buyer in the student housing market.

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