With an aggregate estimated development end value exceeding US$20 billion, Gulf Finance House has successfully launched a number of infrastructure and real estate projects across the globe. GFH’s unique focus in the origination and management of large scale economic real estate projects has played an instrumental role in shaping the nature of Islamic Banking developments of the last decade.

The key investment opportunities originated in the last decade include:

  • Energy City Qatar. (ECQ)

    Launched in March 2006, this regionally strategic US$2.6 billion project is being developed as the Middle Easts first integrated energy business centre for the global oil and gas industry. The clusters of the project will include specialist centres and hosts oil and gas producers and downstream operators, shipping and trading companies, service industries, technology companies and information and media businesses.

  • Tunis Financial Harbour. (TFH)

    Tunis Financial Harbour (TFH) will deliver North Africa’s first offshore financial centre at Tunis Bay in a project with an expected end development value of US$ 3 billion. TFH is expected to be a world class banking centre designed to capitalize on Tunisian economic growth over the past decade. TFH is expected to create approximately 16,000 new and mostly skilled jobs across the financial, service, human resources and regulatory community, the benefits of which will be felt throughout the North African economy.

  • Royal Ranches Marrakech. (RRM)

    In 2006, GFH launched its project Gateway to Morocco announced with the vision of conceptualizing Royal Ranches Marrakech (“RRM”) in the city of Marrakesh, a mixed-use development spanning approximately 380 hectares. The design of this project is based on the rich cultural heritage of the Kingdom, thus creating an atmosphere where resort guests are exposed to the rich local flavours and traditions. The concept is centred on the creation of a distinctive and quality lifestyle within each location.

  • Mumbai Economic Development Zone. (MEDZ)

    In 2007 and 2008, GFH launched Energy City Navi Mumbai (ECNM) and Mumbai IT & Telecom City (MITTC), comprising 1162 acres in Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra, India. Both ECNM and MITTIC are core components of the larger scale Economic Development Zone (“EDZ”), a mixed-use development offering world class business infrastructure for local and international Services, IT and Energy companies.